Pumagonia | Animals sighting, Mountain trekking and Winter excursions in Patagonia
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Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully the following terms and conditions and in case you have any questions.


Pumagonia is not responsible for the quality or cancellation of services hired by Pumagonia and/or directly by the customer with external services provider.

Pumagonia is not responsible for acts of nature or others (such as floods, avalanches, earthquakes, fires or other) that forces the authorities avoid the access to the places to visit for safety reason. In this case, Pumagonia will do everything possible to continue with the tour as scheduled and trying to keep as close as possible to the originally designed.

Risks related to the activity

Mountain trekking and offtrail tours are risky activities.

Pumagonia is not responsible for any injury or death to person occasioned by or resulting from any of this activities that you are hiring and/or danger associated with wild animals.

In addition, you understand that trekking and offtrail tours in Patagonia is a challenging and potentially dangerous activity, thus you hereby release Pumagonia from any negligence and you assume all risk. By signing this agreement, you agree to assume all risk and release Pumagonia from any liability relating to your adventure.

Payments in advance

Pumagonia will request a unique payment in advance, not refundable, to hire services provided by thirds such as lodging bookings, food, porters, chef and public and private transportation if it is necessary.

This payment must be made through PaylPal system or bank transfer and all the taxes involved will be charged to the total price.

The money pendent of pay must be paid once the customer meets the guide before the tour begins

Trips cancellations and refunds

Pumagonia is not responsible for risky or reckless attitudes of a member of the tour that threatens the integrity of any of them. In case of manifesting risky or reckless attitude and not following the instructions of the guide, the guide may make unilateral abandonment of the tour without repayment of money paid.

If members decide to finish the trip earlier than originally planned, it will not be entitled to a refund of money paid.

If the trip has not started and must be cancelled, the money to refund will be 50% of the total to refund.

If the trip is already started and must be cancelled, there is no right to refund the money already paid.

Pumagonia does not allow the use of illegal drugs in Chile during the tour. In case any member of the expedition does it, the guide may make unilateral abandonment of the tour without repayment of money.


Pumagonia does not include any personal accident insurance on their tours so it is costumer’s responsibility to acquire the one that best suits you.

Pumagonia cannot guarantee sightings of pumas or any other animal.

In Chile, the guide is prevented by law to prescribe medicine so that the hiker should be taking it regularly (for treatments or allergy) should bring in sufficient quantity and knowing self-manage.

Pumagonia does not recommend excessive consumption of alcohol as this can alter the original planning of the tour.