Pumagonia | Animals sighting, Mountain trekking and Winter excursions in Patagonia
Excursiones personalizadas y privadas. Avistamiento de animales, trekking en montaña y excursiones invernales, Torres del Paine, Dientes de Navarino, Patagonia y Cabo de Hornos Taylor-made and and private excursions. Animals sighting, mountain trekking and winter excursions, Torres del Paine, Dientes de Navarino, Patagonia, Cape Horn
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Pumagonia, a professional guide por private and taylor-made excursions to visit the southern Chilean Patagonia and Cape Horn.

Patagonia offers natural wonders such as great mountains, rock formations shaped by ice ages, little visited inhospitable valleys, granite walls, rushing rivers, lakes and gigantic glaciers, varied vegetation which highlights the extensive forests of Nothofagus and a wide range of birds and mammals.

Animals sighting, Mountain Trekking and Winter Excursions

Carlos Anabalón is Pumagonia. He plans and guides all the excursions. Carlos was born in Santiago in 1970. An outdoor life´s lover from young, he began touring southern Chile, Chiloé and austral road mainly

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Carlos Anabalón

After finishing his studies, he entered to the work world where he worked as software engineer for many years. Parallel, he practiced paragliding for 10 years in Santiago.
In 2004, he began the practice of mountaineering, rock and ice climbing. To date, he has participated in several expeditions, and made ascents in the high altitude desert, the central mountains and the Chilean Patagonia.
In 2005, his passion for mountaineering led him to do his job. He worked as a mountain guide in the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, making countless ascents to Osorno Volcano.
Since 2006 he has worked as a glacier technician guide and mountain trekking guide in Torres del Paine National Park and in Dientes de Navarino in Cape Horn.
In 2008, he worked as an assistant guide in Antarctica on a tourism Russian ship.
Carlos has all the license the Chilean law required, first aid certification (Wilderness First Responder), VHF radio and satellite communicator InReach.